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Meter-in recorder microclimate "TKA-PKLV" (29) with calibration
  • Meter-in recorder microclimate "TKA-PKLV" (29) with calibration

Meter-in recorder microclimate "TKA-PKLV" (29) with calibration

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Appointment meter - logger "TKA - PCL" (29)

Device for measuring the relative humidity (RH, % ), temperature (t, ° C) air.

The device can operate as a data logger (data logger), keeping the measurement results in the internal memory with a specified interval to simultaneously control the microclimate parameters in different areas.

The main technical characteristics of the meter - logger "TKA - PCL" (29)

The range of measurement of relative humidity 5 ÷ 98% RH. ow.
outside temperature measuring range - 30 to + 60 ° C.
Limits of main absolute error relative humidity measurements ± 3,0% rel. ow.
Limits of additional measurement absolute error relative humidity at the temperature changes for every 10 ° C in the range from 0 to + 60 ° C ± 1,5% rel. ow.
The limits of the permissible absolute temperature measurement error in the ranges:

from - 30 to - 10 ° C incl. communication. - 10 to + 15 ° C incl. communication. + 15 to + 25 ° C incl. communication. + 25 to + 45 ° C incl. communication. + 45 to + 60 ° C

± 0,5 ° C ± 0,3 ° C ± 0,2 ° C ± 0,3 ° C ± 0,5 ° C
Memory size, not less than 524,000 measurements
communication interface USB, WiFi
transmission intervals via Wi - Fi 1 h 24 min ÷
Supply voltage 3.2 V (battery nonremovable)
Unit Dimensions (max) (142 x 37 x 38) mm
Weight (max) 130 g
Life time 7 years
Time to failure, not less 10,000 hours

Scope unit Gauges - recorders microclimate parameters 'TCA - PCL' (29)

Scope of the instrument: objective monitoring of climate and temperature mapping microclimate in warehouses and industrial premises, hospitals, museums and libraries, to catering facilities, and in other cases the simultaneous control parameters in one or more premises.

Significant advantages of the device Gauges - recorders microclimate parameters 'TCA - PCL' (29)

- intuitive control of the device; - presence of internal memory for storage of more than 524,000 measurements on three channels; - universal mount, which allows the device to install on almost any surface; - not in favor of understated power consumption WIFI - power transmitter, which ensures reliable reception of information in challenging conditions and allows you to save on additional equipment in the construction of measuring and information network.

Approval certificate SI type of Russian before 22/10/2024, the Instruction Manual '' TKA - PCL '' (29) instruction to the program TKA NET Monitor v1.1 Instruction program TKA USB Configurator v1.1 Instruction program TKA USB Monitor Methods of verification v1.1 (436 - 167 - 2019MP)

Measurers - recorders microclimate 'TKA - PCL' '(29) - this product you can buy on the site of STP instruments manufacturer "TCA". Characteristics, item description, pictures and price of the goods presented on the card. Order product you can call 8 (812) 331 - 19 - 81 in St. Petersburg.

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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