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Pulsmetr illuminometer "TCA-PCM" (08) with verification
  • Pulsmetr illuminometer "TCA-PCM" (08) with verification

Pulsmetr illuminometer "TCA-PCM" (08) with verification

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The intended use of the device Luxmeter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08)

Device for measuring the coefficient of light pulsations generated randomly spatially arranged different sources , and light in the visible range (380 ÷ 760) nm.

Main technical characteristics of the device Pulsmetr Light meter + "TKA - PKM" (08)

Range measurement light 10 ÷ 200,000 lux
Basic relative measurement error light (max) ± 8,0%
Including the limits of permissible relative error caused by nonlinearity of the sensitivity of the device (not more) ± 3,0%
Including the limits of permissible relative error caused by the relative spectral sensitivity of the deviation of the relative spectral luminous efficiency (not more) ± 5,0%
Including the limits of permissible relative error caused by the deviation of the calibration (not more) ± 3,0%
Including the limits of permissible additional relative error, caused by spatial characteristic light meter photometer head (not more) ± 5,0%
Measurement range coefficient illuminance ripple 1 ÷ 100%
Basic relative measurement error coefficient illuminance ripple ± 10,0%
Including the limits of permissible relative error caused by the deviation of the calibration (not more) ± 3,0%
Limits of additional instrument relative error in the measurement of optical quantities, by changing the sensitivity of the photometer head at change of temperature in the measurement zone for each 10 ° C (max) ± 3,0%

Light meter device design + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08)

The difference function of the relative spectral sensitivity of the photodetector system filters adjusted to match the function of the relative spectral luminous efficacy of monochromatic radiation for photopic vision V (λ) in accordance with GOST 8,332.

The device is implemented integral method of calculating the average luminance to calculate the coefficient of illumination pulsation. Calculation of indications on the screen of the device is performed once per second, the digitized signal from the photosensor is made at a frequency of 3 kHz, clock frequency of 4 MHz, to 12 - bit ADC is active LPF 1000 Hz, to suppress the "reflections" when digitizing implemented digital filter LF 400 Hz.

Terms of use of the appliance Luxmeter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08)

environment temperature - 30 to + 60 ° C.
Relative humidity at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C to 98%
Atmosphere pressure 80 ÷ 110 kPa

Overall dimensions Light meter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08)

measuring unit 160 x 85 x 30 mm
photometer head ∅ 36 x 21 mm
Weight of the device (not more than) 0.5 kg
battery - size "Krona" battery 9

Scope unit Light meter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08)

Sanitary and technical supervision of residential and industrial buildings, museums, libraries and archives; assessment of workplaces and other areas.


Optional in Luxmeter product package + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08) may enter the cable connection USB AB and CD with software for Windows. Installing the USB driver software SPTerminal

The " TCA VPO Analyzer v1.0 », necessary for carrying out the verification

Packaging unit Luxmeter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08):

Combined device "TKA - PKM" (08) An alkaline element type "Crown" power (6F22) Operating Guide PasportDisk software (optional, optional) serial cable (option optional) bag device for transporting goods

Significant advantages of the device Pulsmetr Light meter + "TKA - PKM" (08) over analogues

The device has an automatic shift ranges, the HOLD function is implemented, lower power consumption, a graphic display with backlighting. Ability to cut natural background illumination (cm. Below) . In device implemented unique opportunity to determine the real time values in the light mode and the computation of the exact values of illuminance ripple factor according to a special program, protected Certificate of official registration of the computer program №2003612397. The device Luxmeter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08) can be connected via a half - duplex synchronous serial interface (USB - virtual COM port (for Windows XP / 7/10)) to a computer or other controller. Device sends information to the serial port in a tabular format using the OEM 866 encoding at standard settings port (9600 bit / s, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit). To receive data, you can use any terminal program under Windows (HyperTerminal, terminal v.1. 9b, Putty); to receive data on Android requires a USB - hosta, connect USB HARDWARE program and terminal TermUSB type FT232RL support. USB AB cable is not included as standard.

Window in Windows Work on Android

Simple data format and reset CDC - device allows any terminal program on different operating systems.

Why you should buy the device Luxmeter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08) ÷ The device combines the light meter, which performs a function to calculate the level of illumination, and pulsmetr needed to establish the coefficient of pulsation osveschonnosti. Pryamye measurement techniques do not require measuring and are conducted on the operational documentation of the means employed izmereniy. Udobny housing and intuitive interfeys. Vozmozhnost connect to a computer to transfer dannyh. Tsena on the photometer is relatively low, in full action e corresponds with excellent quality.

If you need a high - quality device that provides the most accurate measurement value, the photometer, whose price also includes verification - what you need. Buy photometers on our site - is not only profitable, but also fast and can be ordered as a single unit of measurement for private and party devices for industrial purposes.

Measurement of illumination, which is created by the light source, as well as the calculation of ripple factor - parameters which are determined not only during the inspection light in the workplace, in public places, industrial stores and shops, but also at home. To do this we need a special device: Light meter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08) - a device that detects both of these options. Such devices are called photometers and their functions affect the area of radiation of various kinds. Buy a light meter, which is not only highly accurate, but also high - quality and affordable, on our website.

Approval certificate SI type of Russian before 23/09/2024, the Instruction Manual '' TKA - PKM '' (08)

Verification procedure MP - 242 - 1969 - 2016 from 01.11.2017, the

You can buy Luxmeter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08) with calibration on site STP devices manufacturer

"TCA" at an affordable price. Light meter + Pulsmetr "TKA - PKM" (08) with verification: a description, photos, features, customer reviews, instructions and accessories.

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